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doula comforting client

Kind words

Thank you to my wonderful clients who have given me the thoughtful feedback! It has truly been my honor to work with you all.

It was so great to have Michelle in the room as the father of an expecting baby.  You take the birth classes but nothing prepares you for live action.  Michelle was so helpful in being an advocate for my partner birthing and a partner / coach for me so that I could play a valuable role. Not feeling the pressure of being the only independent support pillar outside of the medical practitioners, but also being supported by an expert.  I couldn’t imagine Michelle not being there for the experience.

Having Michelle as a doula was like having a security blanket during birth. She anticipated needs, translated medical terms, and politely asked questions and spoke up on my behalf when I didn’t have the presence of mind to do it for myself. She single-handedly changed the course of my care to allow for a slightly calmer labor experience that followed the pace my body was setting rather than what hospital protocol dictated. She is a delightful person and a joy to be around. I can’t recommend her enough.

[my husband] was initially dubious about the role a doula would play in our baby’s birth, and as we were debriefing in the postpartum wing, he commented how glad he was that we had you with us!  (and I of course shared his sentiments – having your support and presence made things so much less scary and confusing).  I felt so much more comfortable asking you all the questions I was afraid to ask the drs and nurses (or they just weren’t around to be asked).

Michelle was an exceptional professional to work with. There were a number of difficult choices that had to be made during this birth and into postpartum care (e.g. C-Section and breastfeeding). I value Michelle’s wisdom in helping me navigate what was very fraught at the time. Michelle also went WAY above and beyond in sending resources, in following up, and in understanding when I couldn’t be accommodating in our meetings during to family circumstances. Michelle helped me make the best decisions for myself and my family despite these being difficult choices and decisions. I would recommend Michelle to anybody searching for a caring and knowledgeable professional. If I ever have another birth, I hope that Michelle will again be on my team.

Michelle is a compassionate, enthusiastic, patient, attentive and knowledgeable birth doula. We spent quality time with her during labor and she was a necessary part of the team. There was someone in the elevator saying “a doula usually doesn’t stay so late with the parents” when we were transferring from l&d to postpartum at the hospital and she surely did stay with us until we really settled down and felt comfortable with ourselves only. not much else to ask for a third person to support when in labor. highly recommended.

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